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NEU is a campaigning union with a clear vision of what our education system should look like. Together, we want to shape the future of education for the benefit of teachers, support staff, leaders and pupils.
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Shihub was launched by the researcher Alexandra Elbakyan in 2011 with the goal of providing free access to research to everyone, not only those who have the money to pay for journals. Many in the scientific community praise hub-sci / sciencehub for furthering the knowledge of humankind and helping academics from all over the world. shi hub has been sued many times by publishers like Elsevier but it is still accessible, for example by using a sci hub proxy.
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Showrunner Bruce Miller has hinted at potentially severe consquences for June in the next season in a new interview with E! News.
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Back in March, Scholarly Kitchen Chef and NISO Executive Director Todd Carpenter wrote a post titled, “FBI Indicts Nine Iranians in a Massive Scheme to Target Academic Credentials and Steal Content.” It was about the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s unsealed indictments of nine Iranian citizens for the bulk theft of intellectual property from academic institutions in a brazen scheme to gather and redistribute scholarly content. His post followed a number of headline articles from the preceding months, including “ University secrets are stolen by cybergangs” on the front page of The Times in September 2017.
Sci-Hub obtains paywalled articles using leaked credentials. [2] [11] The source of the credentials used by Sci-Hub is unclear. [7] Some appear to have been donated, [2] some were apparently sold before going to Sci-Hub, [37] and some appear to have been obtained via phishing and were then used by Sci-Hub. [38] [11] Elbakyan denies personally sending any phishing emails and said, "The exact source of the passwords was never personally important to me." [7] According to The Scholarly Kitchen, a blog established by the Society for Scholarly Publishing whose members are involved in legal action against Sci-Hub, credentials used by Sci-Hub to access paywalled articles are correlated to access of other information on university networks (such as cyber spying on universities) and credential sales in black markets. [39] Several articles have reported that Sci-Hub has penetrated the computer networks of more than 370 universities in 39 countries. These include more than 150 institutions in the US, more than 30 in Canada, 39 in the UK and more than 10 in Sweden. The universities in the UK include Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and King's College, London. [40] [41] [42] [43] Delivery to users [ edit ]
intellectual crisis. Claro M. Recto criticized
Random unaffiliated Scihub users in China contacting our University IT helpdesk after the phished accounts Scihub was using to proxy an article had reached it's EZproxy download limit and the 'you have been blocked' message they receive instructed them to contact our helpdesk!
25. Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome (1889)
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For those who don't know me, I'm a data scientist at the University of Pennsylvania who's interested in making science more open. My colleagues and I recently completed a side project looking into Sci-Hub.
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Onion URL: http://torlinksd6pdnihy.onion/
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Not only will reading books in English broaden your understanding of the English language, reading teaches you about different cultures, helps you understand history and encourages you to form your own opinions. As well as all of this, reading has been scientifically proven to improve your mental health. What are you waiting for? Image Sources:
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The explicitly religious folk tradition of tekke literature shared a similar basis with the aşık/ ozan tradition in that the poems were generally intended to be sung, generally in religious gatherings, making them somewhat akin to Western hymns (Turkish ilahi). One major difference from the aşık/ ozan tradition, however, is that—from the very beginning—the poems of the tekke tradition were written down. This was because they were produced by revered religious figures in the literate environment of the tekke, as opposed to the milieu of the aşık/ ozan tradition, where the majority could not read or write. The major figures in the tradition of tekke literature are: Yunus Emre (1240?–1320?), who is one of the most important figures in all of Turkish literature; Süleyman Çelebi (?–1422), who wrote a highly popular long poem called Vesîletü'n-Necât (وسيلة النجاة "The Means of Salvation", but more commonly known as the Mevlid), concerning the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad; Kaygusuz Abdal (1397–?), who is widely considered the founder of Alevi/Bektashi literature; and Pir Sultan Abdal (?–1560), whom many consider to be the pinnacle of that literature.
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Как бессрочно забаненный в паблике sci-hub в контакте после первого и единственного комментария (советы по противодействию блокировки домена) и небольшой переписки в привате, готов подтвердить, что Александра — полнейший неадекват, не способная воспринимать критику и отвечающая на неё истерикой. Для Александры существует только два типа мнений: своё и неправильное.
• ^ Lambert, David (January 23, 2018). "The Handmaid's Tale – Blessed Be The Fruit! Official 'Season 1' Press Release: Date, Extras, Final Box Art". . Retrieved February 9, 2018.
It seems to me there are several issues being conflated by Pitts and DeMarco. I’ve seen enough evidence over the past few years to be convinced that Sci-Hub phished (and may continue to phish?). Given the scale of the operation, they are certainly also using credentials from the seedy underbelly of the clearnet and the darkweb.
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ScienceHuβ is a global science and technology publisher and provides free access to research articles and latest research information without any barrier to scientific community.
Please take a look at the excellent work that Research4Life and EIFL carry out. and and
Five bucks says some kremi used it for like five seconds to look something up and that was enough for the derp oh jay to want to make an excuse for why it does nothing for anyone
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“We also visited East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland at that time,” says Atwood. “It informed the atmosphere but not the content if you can see what I mean. The experience of having people change the subject, being fearful of talking to you, not knowing who they can trust, all of that was there.”
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The Open Access Button does something very similar to Unpaywall, with some major differences. They search thousands of public repositories, and if the article is not in any of them they send a request to the author to make the paper publicly available with them. The more people try to find an article through them, the more requests an author gets. You can search for articles/papers directly from their page, or download their browser extension.
• Sugenja Sri as Sienna (season 3), a new Martha in the Lawrence household.
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"The crisis we are experiencing is unprecedented and it implies, it imposes a response which must be collective and first of all European".
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Imagine a country where women have no jobs, no rights and are valued only for their reproductive success. Imagine a country where girls aren’t taught to read in case they get ideas. Imagine a country where boys eat lunch while girls have to wait. Imagine women having to cover themselves head to toe in case men get ideas.
not look at him. She manages to remain calm and composed as she
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Despite these gains, access to scholarly literature remains a pressing global issue. Foremost, widespread subscription access remains restricted to institutions, such as universities or medical centers. Smaller institutions or those in the developing world often have poor access to scholarly literature ( Meadows, 2015; Kirsop and Chan, 2005; Bendezú-Quispe et al., 2016). As a result, only a tiny percentage of the world’s population has been able to access much of the scholarly literature, despite the fact that the underlying research was often publicly or philanthropically funded. Compounding the problem is that publications have historically been the primary, if not sole, output of scholarship. Although copyright does not apply to ideas, journals leverage the copyright covering an article’s prose, figures, and typesetting to effectively paywall its knowledge.
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def draw_vector ( v0 , v1 , ax = None ): ax = ax or plt . gca () arrowprops = dict ( arrowstyle = '->' , linewidth = 2 , shrinkA = 0 , shrinkB = 0 ) ax . annotate ( '' , v1 , v0 , arrowprops = arrowprops ) # plot data plt . scatter ( X [:, 0 ], X [:, 1 ], alpha = 0.2 ) for length , vector in zip ( pca . explained_variance_ , pca . components_ ): v = vector * 3 * np . sqrt ( length ) draw_vector ( pca . mean_ , pca . mean_ + v ) plt . axis ( 'equal' );
October 8, 1993 (syndication)
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PSI, a company based in Britain that offers tools and services to protect scholarly copyright, maintains a list of web addresses associated with Sci-Hub, which institutions can download and use to block access to the site on campus.
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Each video comes with interactive captions, so you can instantly get definitions for any unfamiliar words. There are also flashcards and exercises to help you remember them. So when you’re taking a break from one of the great books below, check out the FluentU free trial to keep learning while having fun! 10 Great and Easy English Books You Must Read
• ^ Himmelstein, Daniel S; Romero, Ariel Rodriguez; Levernier, Jacob G; Munro, Thomas Anthony; McLaughlin, Stephen Reid; Greshake Tzovaras, Bastian; Greene, Casey S (1 March 2018). "Sci-Hub provides access to nearly all scholarly literature". eLife. 7. doi: 10.7554/eLife.32822. ISSN 2050-084X. PMC 5832410. PMID 29424689. Archived from the original on 21 May 2019 . Retrieved 21 May 2019.
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(Note: You will need the Tor Browser to open all links to .onion websites in this article and to access the dark web. You can get the Tor Browser here.) 1. The Pulitzer-winning ProPublica
Alexandra Elbakyan, fondatrice de Sci-Hub milite pour un accès à tous aux connaissances scientifiques Le droit à l’accès à la connaissance
• Parents of India on How will Covid-19 affect the internationalization of higher education?
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Her second novel finally arrived this summer, but Harper Lee’s first did enough alone to secure her lasting fame, and remains a truly popular classic.
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August Fools is a romantic comedy set against the political background of the Cold War. Elsa ( Kati Outinen), a middle-aged hat maker and part-time clairvoyant, is apparently in total ... See full summary »
As using this database infringes copyright, if you use Sci-Hub you are also breaching the University's ICT Policy - you must use the University's ICT facilities and services in an ethical and lawful manner.
• ↑ a et b Thibault Prévost, « Internet : la justice française bloque SciHub et LibGen, piliers du savoir libre », sur Konbini, 2 avril 2019.
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I read the Guardian opinion piece more as a critique of the fact that there is little or no correlation between these costs and the consumer price.
Users can access works from all sources with a unified interface, by entering the DOI in the search bar on the main page or in the Sci-Hub URL (like some academic link resolvers), or by appending the Sci-Hub domain to the domain of a publisher's URL (like some academic proxies). [45] Sci-Hub redirects requests for some gold open access works, identified as such beyond the metadata available in CrossRef and Unpaywall. Some requests require the user to enter a CAPTCHA. [46] Papers can also be accessed using a bot in the instant messaging service Telegram. [47]
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• ^ Stanley, Tim (May 30, 2017). "What The Handmaid's Tale can tell us about Islamic extremism". The Telegraph . Retrieved November 27, 2017.
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Later, participants coordinated with their respective managers of the universities, distributing the instrument and offering advice and training to execute the study across virtual meetings. Every coordinator requested permission of the headquarters faculty by sending the protocol and document of approval of the committee of ethics for the researcher responsible for the study. Deadlines were established to compile and tabulate the data following the chronogram of the study.
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Is Sci-Hub simply Wikileaks in a lab coat, designed to help Russia attain its geopolitical goals in the 21st century? It’s impossible to know with certainty, just yet. But Jan Neumann, a former officer in Russia’s Federal Security Service who defected to the United States in 2008, said that “only an idiot wouldn’t utilize such [a site]…to screw your ‘chess game partners.’”
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scale. The site compromises the security of libraries and institutions around
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However, sci-hub can only ever be a temporary stop-gap. We need a real solution.
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That Universities refuse to pay their staff full-time wages is not the fault of the publishing industry.
Насчет травли — тут я положился на автора статьи, и все свои суждения строю именно на этом материале. К сожалению, сам вопрос травли я не изучал.
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Good Bones and Simple Murders (2001)
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UnlockED offers an integrated approach to building the capacity of districts and schools. We empower education leaders with the right tools, insights, and expertise to support their students in preparing for and successfully completing college. Our data-driven approach includes:
You may be wondering how she earned so much in the past 12 months. Forbes explains, "The reality TV star sold 51% of Kylie Cosmetics to publicly traded Coty, Inc. in January 2019 for $600 million; she pocketed $540 million, pretax."
Face to Face: Relating in a Changed World
We are unable to tell whether any other activity occurred, outside of usage of our e-resources via our proxy server.
• ^ Schwartz, Ryan (August 5, 2017). "TCA Awards: The Handmaid's Tale, Atlanta, Big Little Lies, Carrie Coon Among Big Winners". TVLine . Retrieved August 6, 2017.
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7.89473684 8.42105263 8.94736842 9.47368421 10. ]
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At the present, there seems to be no public evidence confirming that any of these accusations are true. All evidence of malicious activity, hacking, and threats to cybersecurity are conjecture. They can all be as equally explained by 373 individuals donating their credentials to support the efforts of Sci-Hub. I know a number of academics who share their login details (i.e., privileged access) with other researchers around the world to help provide them access to journals. Given the enormous global support Sci-Hub has, and the number of researchers frustrated at the behaviours of the private publishing sector, this conclusion seems most parsimonious at the present.
According to the indexmundi (2014), demographics of the Philippines: total population of was around 107.6 million, 52.7% of its
gulong, at pagbibintangang pumatay sa isang lalaki.
Я не собираюсь изчать эту историю глубже. Но вот в этой конкретной статье Александра Элбакян выставлена совершенно не в лучшем свете, хотя автор и пытался выступать на её стороне.
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visant à concrétiser l’accès ouvert aux publications de recherche. .
@scholarlykitchn is spotlighting research & researchers writing abt systemic racism. Today we feature an article fr @Gizmodo featuring @IBJIYONGI on #SHUTDOWNSTEM & #shutdownacademia day.
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The hashtags #who and #oms trended following Donald Trump’s letter to the WHO ( twitter) and the entailing discussions.
We live in a world where the burden of proof is on the accusers, following due process. Commercial publishers have a huge incentive to over-hype the threat of Sci-Hub. After all, Sci-Hub would not exist if the scholarly publishing industry was doing the task that we have entrusted to it, in making scholarly research public.
Activities on security are foreseen on the following data hub instances, causing the publication delay of all Copernicus Sentinel-1, Copernicus Sentinel-2 and Copernicus Sentinel-3 products:
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