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Andrew Pitts, CEO and co-founder of PSI, said that so far, few U.S. institutions have downloaded the block list. Pitts, who has been writing about Sci-Hub’s links to Russian military intelligence for several years, said he struggled to understand why universities are not taking more immediate steps to protect their networks. “This is a matter of urgency,” he said.
I can't access any article using sci-hub anymore. Is there any other link where I could use sci-hub. is not working. ( self.scihub)
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• ^ a b c d Alexandra Elbakyan (2 July 2017). "Some facts on Sci-Hub that Wikipedia gets wrong". Archived from the original on 3 December 2017 . Retrieved 30 April 2018.
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Before the heroes even have the chance to solve the riddle though, the base is ambushed, and Wade learns from Aech that Sorrento's men beat them to it. They decoded the first lines of the puzzle... which actually isn't that hard. Fans of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will recall that the answer to all life in the universe is given in that novel as "42." Divide that by 3, the "magic number" as made famous by Schoolhouse Rock, and you get 14.
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31.5 dollars, only a summary? I do not even know which content is whether or not what I want! I'm going out so much money, the literature is not my money back do not you? And without the publisher to the author royalties, what the next article would receive so much money. Based publishers such injustice, this time, we need the Sci-Hub, the world's largest academic piracy sites. Currently, Sci-Hub have 47,000,000 articles and the number is increasing.
The numbers for Ashburn, Virginia, the top U.S. city with nearly 100,000 Sci-Hub requests, are harder to interpret. The George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, D.C., has its science and technology campus there, but Ashburn is also home to Janelia Research Campus, the elite Howard Hughes Medical Institute outpost, as well as the servers of the Wikimedia Foundation, the headquarters of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Spokespeople for the latter two say their employees are unlikely to account for the traffic. The GWU press office responded defensively, sending me to an online statement that the university recently issued about the impact of journal subscription rate hikes on its library budget. “Scholarly resources are not luxury goods,” it says. “But they are priced as though they were.”
> I am of the opinion knowledge should be free and easily accessible.
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The publishers’ sales teams have heard “individual institutions and consortiums” name-drop Researchgate and pirate sites like Sci-Hub to get leverage in price negotiations
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Another point is: it’s not alway the libraries service that is “clunky”. The library licences products from publishers and aggregators like Ovid, EBSCO, ProQuest, … They determine sometimes much more than the library how “clunky” a user experience might be.
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The Aunts are the class of women assigned to indoctrinate the Handmaids with the beliefs of the new society and make them accept their fates. Aunt Lydia works at the "Red Center," the re‑education center where Offred and other women go for instruction before becoming Handmaids. Although she appears only in Offred's flashbacks, Aunt Lydia and her instructions haunt Offred in her daily life. Aunt Lydia's slogans and maxims drum the ideology of the new society into heads of the women, until even those like Offred, women who do not truly believe in the ideology, hear Gilead's words echoing in their heads.
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If my tax payer money helped fund the research, I better get access to it. Similarly, if my tuition money helped fund it, then I better get access to it as well. Or even, if my actual time helped fund the research (e.g. I am a student involved in the research) then I better get access to it, too.
additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.
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SciHub has been controversial, lauded by parts of the scientific and academic communities and condemned by a number of publishers.
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Historia płatnej zabójczyni. Jej obsesją jest odnalezienie i zniszczenie ludzi, którzy zamordowali jej rodziców. Cataleya jest niezwykle skuteczna. Z każdym wykonanym zleceniem zbliża się do celu.
It’s difficult to categorize Tom Scott’s channel, and that’s precisely what makes it so interesting to watch. In his “Things You Might Not Know” series, he explores unusual topics in science, geography, and pretty much anything else that interest him.
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> The research is already funded differently
"As long as we do this, butter our skin to keep it soft, we believe that we will some day get out, that we will be touched again, in love or desire. We have ceremonies of our own, private ones." (17.6)
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The Handmaid's Tale
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Problem is that even when people who have valid licenses are using the site out of convenience, it's still illegal for Sci-Hub to host the content.
The discussion started when the team behind Citationsy, a bibliography management tool based in Europe, tweeted that lawyers for Elsevier, a major publisher of academic journals, had threatened to pursue legal action if Citationsy did not remove a link to Sci-Hub from Citationsy's website. The link formed part of a blog post titled "Hacking Education: Download Research Papers and Scientific Articles for Free."
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• In March 2017, the website had 62 million papers in its collection, which were found to include 85% of the articles published in paywalled scholarly journals.
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Whether linking to materials that violate copyright law "is or is not a copyright violation" doesn't have a straightforward answer, said Martin Paul Eve, professor of literature, technology and publishing at Birkbeck, University of London.
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©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Registered in England. All Rights Reserved
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Elbakyan argues that she has done nothing wrong. She says she is simply ensuring that scientific knowledge — a largely publicly funded resource — is accessible to everyone.
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• Magic 8 Ball: A camera resembling a Magic 8 Ball is used to record Parzival's broadcast.
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1) The authors make one claim that seems to me not supported by the evidence. They claim that their paper shows that toll-based publishing is becoming unsustainable. But they also point to a recent study that estimates that the ratio of the number of times papers are downloaded from the publisher to downloaded from Sci-Hub is 48:1 for Elsevier and 20:1 for Royal Society of Chemistry. This suggests that Sci-Hub so far has very little influence on the subscription demand for journal articles.
The Deep Astronomy YouTube channel is a great choice for anyone looking for space documentaries on YouTube. Founder Tony Darnell says that he has “been in love with the night sky for as long as he can remember.” With over 500 videos, the channel caters to “Space Fans” who are interested in learning concepts and getting first-hand updates about the latest discoveries in astronomy. According to Tony, he tries to present these concepts “in a way that provides some perspective of the importance of astronomy in our daily lives.”
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• What Are We to Do With Cinematic Monuments to the Confederacy?
Thomas Anthony Munro
The site's operation is financed by user donations. [3] Article sourcing [ edit ]
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"Which publisher wants to be the one to sue a researcher for infringing?" asked Eve. "The optics of a multi-billion dollar company suing a researcher who gives them research material for free are terrible."
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Again, it is ironic that access to the site is provided by the very mechanism it means to subvert. This argument becomes even more extreme when it is taken to its logical conclusion (which all three of us have heard) that we should cancel library subscriptions and rely on Sci-Hub: a major reason Sci-Hub exists is because of the subscriptions we pay for. It is unashamedly illegal and it is parasitic on library subscriptions.
• ^ Henderson, Emma (15 February 2016). "Pirate website offering millions of academic papers for free refuses to close despite lawsuit". The Independent. Independent Print Limited. Archived from the original on 17 February 2016 . Retrieved 15 February 2016.
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Glenn Ruskin, the director of ACS External Affairs and Communications, tells The Scientist that the injunction was not intended to apply as broadly as the CCIA had interpreted it. “It does not cover Internet search engines at large unless they have an established relationship with Sci-Hub,” he explains. “This is only targeted at those entities or organizations that are either hosting content that Sci-Hub has stolen or has some type of an active legal relationship.”
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It’s on page 190 of 280 in the djvu and pdf file links above.
• Godzilla: Mechagodzilla is piloted by Sorrento in the final battle. A toy model of Godzilla can be seen in James Halliday's bedroom.
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You discuss much about hacking, and very neatly avoid discussing exactly WHO did the hacking of university systems, very very likely nothing at all to do with SciHub (I would hazard a guess that 99.9% of university hacking is nothing to do with SciHub- admittedly i’m not an IT admin but i read a lot about this topic). But its a nice trick in your article to join the two.
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Of course there's development costs to publications. It doesn't follow that we thus must lock publications behind paywalls or clutter them with ads.
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Other alternative sci hub links and mirrors that might work for accessing sci-hub: Sci-Hub
The scorpion tanks can still be seen along the line of friendly forces joining Parzival, primarily while still a great distance away from the action. They can later be seen in the thick of fighting, where they really do seem like updated, upgraded versions of the scorpions seen in Ultrabots, the MS-DOS game putting pilots of giant robots against, you guess it, other giant robots. The scorpions weren't as polished, but the resemblance is hard to ignore. 38. The Battle Toads Cameo
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Dishtowels are the same as they always were. Sometimes these flashes of normality come at me from the side, like ambushes. The ordinary, the usual, a reminder, like a kick. I see the dishtowel, out of context, and I catch my breath. For some, in some ways, things haven’t changed that much. (58)
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The Ceremony is not making love because nobody in the room has an emotional connection to anyone else. It's not copulation because it means that having an offspring is possible but earlier in the book it is hinted the handmaiden is sterile. Also it's not rape because she has given her consent through her job. (no emotions).
• ^ Fortson, Danny. " 'Russian pirate hacked 39 British universities '" – via
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In the first version of this study ( Himmelstein et al., 2017a), we mistakenly treated the log events as requests rather than downloads. Fortunately, Sci-Hub reviewed the preprint in a series of tweets, and pointed out the error, stating “in Sci-Hub access logs released previous year, all requests are resolved requests, i.e. user successfully downloaded PDF with that DOI … unresolved requests are not saved”. Interestingly however, 198,600 access events from the logs pointed to DOIs that were not in Sci-Hub’s subsequent DOI catalog. 99.1% of these events — corresponding to DOIs logged as accessed despite later being absent from Sci-Hub — were for book chapters. Upon further investigation, we identified several DOIs in this category that Sci-Hub redirected to LibGen book records as of September 2017. The LibGen landing pages were for the entire books, which contained the queried chapters, and were part of LibGen’s book (not scimag) collection. The explanation that Sci-Hub outsources some book access to LibGen (and logged such requests as accessed) is corroborated by Elbakyan’s statement that ( Elbakyan, 2017): “Currently, the Sci-Hub does not store books, for books users are redirected to LibGen, but not for research papers. In future, I also want to expand the Sci-Hub repository and add books too.” Nonetheless, Sci-Hub’s catalog contains 72.4% of the 510,760 distinct book chapters that were accessed according to the logs. Therefore, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, Sci-Hub does already possess many of the requested scholarly books available from LibGen.
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J The version 1 preprint of this study is published ( Himmelstein et al., 2017a), generating headlines such as Science’s “subscription journals are doomed” ( McKenzie, 2017) and Inside Higher Ed’s “Inevitably Open” ( Fister, 2017).
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• Grand Theft Auto V: Franklin is seen in Incipio, and in the final battle. Michael appears briefly at the Distracted Globe and in the final battle. Trevor is seen in the final battle.
• December 2009
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• ^ Ro, Crystal (October 30, 2019). "27 "Doctor Sleep" Making Of Facts That Made Me Say, "Oh, That's Actually Really Cool "". Buzzfeed. Archived from the original on November 4, 2019 . Retrieved November 4, 2019.
Unpaywall is a web-browser extension that notifies its user if an article is available via oaDOI ( Singh Chawla, 2017d). Since the Unpaywall collection is based on articles that users visited, it’s a better reflection of the actual access needs of contemporary scholars. Unfortunately, since the number of visits per article is not preserved by this dataset, fulfillment rate estimates are biased against highly-visited articles and become scale-variant (affected by the popularity of Unpaywall).
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Twilight is an ok book better than the movie but i wouldn't call it the must read..."
This does not mean the movie is completely violence-free, only that Spielberg handles it a little awkwardly. He holds his PG-13 rating like a partner at a middle-school dance. Spielberg dances around sexuality and violence, embraces them suddenly, briefly, and in a juvenile way: moderate language sprinkled throughout the first third, a few offensive words and gestures mid-battle, brief innuendo (“boot suits” are suggestively demonstrated to provide full-body sensation during a dance scene), and an animated segment that heavily references The Shining, plus undead.
We queried the works endpoint of the Crossref API to retrieve the metadata for all DOIs, storing the responses in a MongoDB database. The queries began on March 21, 2017 and took 12 days to complete. In total, we retrieved metadata for 87,542,370 DOIs, corresponding to all Crossref works as of March 21, 2017. The source code for this step is available on GitHub at greenelab/crossref. Due to its large file size (7.4 GB), the MongoDB database export of DOI metadata is not available on GitHub, and is instead hosted via figshare ( Himmelstein et al., 2017b). We created TSV files with the minimal information needed for this study: First, a DOI table with columns for work type and date issued. Date issued refers to the earliest known publication date, i.e. the date of print or online publication, whichever occurred first. Second, a mapping of DOI to ISSN for associating articles with their journal of publication.
We advocate for cancellation of intellectual property, or copyright laws, for scientific and educational resources.
Seeing a dramatic increase in support calls from impacted schools using the platform across the globe, EP launched a taskforce to help aid schools in need. EP is also looking at ways to assist schools currently not using the platform during this uncertain time.
The manuscript files should be given the last name of the first author. Submit manuscripts as e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office.
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Przed finałem konkursu Miss Ameryki morderca, ukrywający się pod pseudonimem Obywatel, informuje organizatorów, że podłoży bombę. Agentka FBI ma wziąć udział w konkursie i udaremnić zamach.
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• ^ Himmelstein, Daniel S; Romero, Ariel Rodriguez; Levernier, Jacob G; Munro, Thomas Anthony; McLaughlin, Stephen Reid; Greshake Tzovaras, Bastian; Greene, Casey S (1 March 2018). "Sci-Hub provides access to nearly all scholarly literature". eLife. 7. doi: 10.7554/eLife.32822. ISSN 2050-084X. PMC 5832410. PMID 29424689. Archived from the original on 21 May 2019 . Retrieved 21 May 2019.
• ^ Burlingame, Jon (June 9, 2016). "AFI Honoree John Williams Looks Back on Six Decades of Iconic Themes". Variety. Penske Business Media. Archived from the original on June 11, 2016 . Retrieved June 9, 2016.
We also evaluated whether journal coverage varied by journal impact. We assessed journal impact using the 2015 CiteScore, which measures the average number of citations that articles published in 2012–2014 received during 2015. Highly cited journals tended to have higher coverage in Sci-Hub (Figure 9A). The 1,734 least cited journals (lowest decile) had 40.9% coverage on average, whereas the 1,733 most cited journals (top decile) averaged 90.0% coverage. Coverage by publisher
This is an error with the application itself, not the platform.
While Elsevier wages a legal battle against Elbakyan and Sci-Hub, many in the publishing industry see the fight as futile. “The numbers are just staggering,” one senior executive at a major publisher told me upon learning the Sci-Hub statistics. “It suggests an almost complete failure to provide a path of access for these researchers.” He works for a company that publishes some of the most heavily downloaded content on Sci-Hub and requested anonymity so he could speak candidly.
• 3. 2020 Peabody Awards: The Complete Winners List
• ^ Rémy Grünblatt (30 March 2019). "La censure de Sci-Hub et LibGen vue depuis le réseau RIPE Atlas". Archived from the original on 7 April 2019 . Retrieved 9 April 2019.
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I would never recommend twilight to my younger sister...
The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Wed, 03 Jun 2020 17:13:01 GMT)
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“An addictive read . . . part intergalactic scavenger hunt, part romance, and all heart.” —CNN
• Paper piracy sparks online debate
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• Esposito JJ. Sci-Hub moves to the center of the ecosystem. [February 7, 2018]; The Scholarly Kitchen. 2017
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– The Science of Interstellar: an Illustration of a Century of Relativity with Kip Thorne
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dependent on experience MPR/UPR + TLR for Leadership of SEN
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• Wargaming uses BitTorrent in their popular titles World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes to distribute game updates. [49]
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• ^ Jaschik, Scott (8 August 2016). "Letter from publishers' group adds to debate over Sci-Hub and librarians who study it". Inside Higher Ed. Archived from the original on 14 August 2016 . Retrieved 29 August 2016.
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Now a major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg.
• ^ "USTR" (PDF).
• Artificial scarcity
E The article “Meet the Robin Hood of Science” by Simon Oxenham spurs a wave of attention and news coverage on Sci-Hub and Alexandra Elbakyan ( Oxenham, 2016), culminating in The New York Times asking “Should all research papers be free?” ( Murphy, 2016).
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Ernest Cline is an internationally best-selling novelist, screenwriter, father, and full-time geek. He is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of the novels Ready Player One and Armada, and co-screenwriter of the blockbuster film adaptation of Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg. His books have… More about Ernest Cline
Bernhard Metzler, Peter Siostrzonek, Ronald K Binder, Axel Bauer, Sebastian Johannes Reinstadler, Decline of acute coronary syndrome admissions in Austria since the outbreak of COVID-19: the pandemic response causes cardiac collateral damage, European Heart Journal, , ehaa314,
• Swordquest: It is suggested that a Sixer should play Swordquest on the Atari 2600, but instantly gets dismissed.
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• Standish R. The World’s Largest Free Scientific Resource Is Now Blocked in Russia. [February 7, 2018]; Foreign Policy. 2017
• Jurassic Park (1993)
Here are some lines from the book that put timeless feelings into words beautifully: readmore
• ^ a b "Sci-Hub отметил восьмилетие". 6 September 2019. Archived from the original on 21 October 2019 . Retrieved 22 October 2019.
'Gone with the Wind' Jumps to Number 1 on Amazon Bestseller List After Leaving HBO Max
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His Dark Materials
We identified 7,312,607 outgoing citations from articles published since 2015. 6,657,410 of the recent citations (91.0%) referenced an article that was in Sci-Hub. However, if only considering the 6,264,257 citations to articles in toll access journals, Sci-Hub covered 96.2% of recent citations. On the other hand, for the 866,115 citations to articles in open access journals, Sci-Hub covered only 62.3%. Sci-Hub access logs
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