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I hope I have produced a list of books, displayed here in alphabetical order, that are held to be important by today’s teachers. I make no apology for including the book I wrote with Kathryn Ecclestone, The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education because it is an influential critical work that has produced considerable controversy. If you disagree with this, or any other of my choices, please add your alternative “canonical” books on education.
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The early laboratories [ edit ]
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In our work on Social Studies we look at how all the strands affect our daily lives. Geography/climate, economics, government, cultural traditions and even history all shape decisions we make in daily life
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Photosynthesis: Don't "Leaf" Out Fall's Most Valuable Lesson!
Higher education typically involves work towards a degree-level or foundation degree qualification. In most developed countries, a high proportion of the population (up to 50%) now enter higher education at some time in their lives. Higher education is therefore very important to national economies, both as a significant industry in its own right and as a source of trained and educated personnel for the rest of the economy.
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Anthropologists study the evolution of humankind by examining how humans have developed and adapted, both culturally and physically, to the world around them. Anthropology specializes in cultural anthropology, archaeology or physical anthropology, or you may choose an integrated program that includes all three areas. Practical experience is also available through the Archaeological Field School.
Correction February 23 6:40PM ET: This article has been corrected to note that the market cap for RELX Group, not Elsevier, is $35 billion.
Top 5 universities for physics, chemistry and maths 1. Princeton University
given, especially if needed, to prove attendance for entry into Elementary
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A dystopian world where there are no women and all living creatures can hear each others' thoughts in a stream of images, words, and sounds called Noise.
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It’s important to note that any group of students will have learners at different levels, some may not have the lower levels met at home so making sure these students feel safe and secure is of the utmost importance as they will find it very hard to move to the upper levels.
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Civil Engineering Building of BUET. BUET is regarded as one of the best universities for engineering education in Bangladesh
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• ^ Cracking the code: girls' and women's education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Paris: UNESCO. 2017. p. 14. ISBN 978-92-3-100233-5.
guests and presides over the candidate's oral defense of the dissertation. An
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Teacher absenteeism is a widespread problem in many countries. A World Bank study found that absenteeism was as high as 45% in Mozambique and 15% in Kenya. However, even some teachers who were present at school did not carry out their duties. c2fc11a5bc73
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In the United States and Europe, Sci-Hub users concentrate where academic researchers are working. Over the 6-month period, 74,000 download requests came from IP addresses in New York City, home to multiple universities and scientific institutions. There were 19,000 download requests from Columbus, a city with less than a tenth of New York’s population, and 68,000 from East Lansing, Michigan, which has less than a hundredth. These are the homes of Ohio State University and Michigan State University (MSU), respectively.
Sci-Hub obtains paywalled articles using leaked credentials. [2] [11] The source of the credentials used by Sci-Hub is unclear. [7] Some appear to have been donated, [2] some were apparently sold before going to Sci-Hub, [37] and some appear to have been obtained via phishing and were then used by Sci-Hub. [38] [11] Elbakyan denies personally sending any phishing emails and said, "The exact source of the passwords was never personally important to me." [7] According to The Scholarly Kitchen, a blog established by the Society for Scholarly Publishing whose members are involved in legal action against Sci-Hub, credentials used by Sci-Hub to access paywalled articles are correlated to access of other information on university networks (such as cyber spying on universities) and credential sales in black markets. [39] Several articles have reported that Sci-Hub has penetrated the computer networks of more than 370 universities in 39 countries. These include more than 150 institutions in the US, more than 30 in Canada, 39 in the UK and more than 10 in Sweden. The universities in the UK include Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and King's College, London. [40] [41] [42] [43] Delivery to users [ edit ]
for other education, training, or experience. In some cases, public institutions
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Until the end of 2014, Sci-Hub relied on LibGen as storage: papers requested by users were requested from LibGen and served from there if available, otherwise they were fetched by other means and then stored on LibGen. [2] The permanent storage made it possible to serve more users than the previous system of deleting the cached content after 6 hours. [4]
This section provides information on the type of Earth Observation data and products that can be used on the RUS portal, and also the type of support you can expect from the RUS Helpdesk to facilitate your access to such datasets.
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“With LibGen, I saw that it is possible to accumulate 10 million scientific articles,” she says. After that, she figured “[why] not download all the scientific articles that are currently listed in cross-reference database?” With PayPal now closed to her, she simply turned to bitcoin donations to keep feeding Sci-Hub’s growth.
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relevant AP examination with a "3" or higher (graded on a 1-5 scale)
• ^ a b "Find and Compare Qualifications Frameworks". European Commission . Retrieved 16 July 2016.
To illustrate the importance of federal education funding and highlight the local impact of the President’s proposed cuts, CEF hosted a panel today on Capitol Hill of education practitioners with experience implementing early childhood education, elementary and secondary education, adult education, postsecondary education, and afterschool programs.
Shame the DOJ wasn't investigating Elsevier.
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• The time a computer takes to start has increased dramatically. One possible explanation for this is that the computer is running out of memory. This explanation is a scientific…
1. We must redefine our average stress as many maintained layers of mental work from many past, present, future – experiences, circumstances, needs, along with different weights and values given to us from an early age which may act as magnets for other accumulating layers of mental work. Try to visualize an upright rectangle, representing our full mental energy. Then begin at the bottom, drawing in narrowly spaced, horizontal lines to show many (innumerable) layers of mental work. The space leftover represents our leftover mental energy for thinking, learning, and *motivation to learn – mental reward for mental work expended. This shows us how our individual environments, not genetics, greatly affect thinking, learning, motivation, and mental health. We cannot simply relax or use meditation to lower those layers. Those layers are made up of real mental work. When we relax or use meditation, we are only temporarily turning off our mental faucet to those layers. When we attempt a new mental work, our minds turn that faucet back on so those layers are simply recharged. We can however, all, slowly begin to understand the elements of our lives, past and present, which are creating those layers. We can then slowly begin to understand, resolve, and make little changes in some weights or values to more permanently reduce layers to continually improve and change our lives. This is very important, for it releases students and adults from the terrible myth of genetic permanence being taught in our schools today. 2. We must also, contrary to the myth of genetics remove the myth of simply hard work and understand the proper dynamics of approach newer mental work more slowly, allowing mental frames in an area to develop, creating increased pace and intensity with equal and more enjoyment of learning over time.
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Alberta school boards on an equal per-student basis. The majority of
The games and challenges on Tynker give kids ages 5 and up a fun and easy way to build coding skills. The site is also offering free access to premium coding courses during school closures!
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1/12 - I'm Afraid I Can't Do That, Day - In 2001, A Space Odyssey, HAL first goes online on January 12, 1997.
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One plenary session of the 2019 Researcher to Reader (R2R) Conference was a debate on the proposition “ Resolved: Sci-Hub is doing more good than harm to scholarly communication.” Arguing in favor of the resolution was Daniel Himmelstein, a postdoctoral fellow in genomics at the University of Pennsylvania. Arguing against it was Justin Spence, partner and co-founder of PSI Ltd., and the IP Registry. (Video of the debate can be found here.)
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1. Sci-Hib downloads do not contain malware.
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• Cabanac G. 2017. Scimag catalogue of LibGen as of January 1st, 2014. Figshare. [ CrossRef]
• Current context in which your research is situated: Discuss central (or peripheral) questions, issues, and debates in the field. Because a field is constantly being updated via new work, you can show where your research fits into this context and explain developments and trends in research.
GIDDINGS, G. J. & FRASER, B. J. (1990). Cross-national development, validation and use of an instrument for assessing the environment of science laboratory classes. Paper presented at annual meeting of American Educational Research Association, Boston.
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Next, we evaluated coverage by publisher ( Figure 5; full table available at The largest publisher was Elsevier, with 13,115,639 articles from 3,410 journals. Sci-Hub covered 96.9% of Elsevier articles. For the eight publishers with more than one million articles, the following coverage was observed: 96.9% of Elsevier, 89.7% of Springer Nature, 94.7% of Wiley-Blackwell, 92.6% of Taylor & Francis, 79.4% of Wolters Kluwer, 88.3% of Oxford University Press, 90.9% of SAGE, and 98.8% of American Chemical Society articles. In total, 3,832 publishers were represented in the journal catalog. The coverage distribution among publishers resembled the journal coverage distribution, with most publishers occupying the extremities ( Figure 3). Sci-Hub had zero coverage for 1,249 publishers, and complete coverage for 341 publishers.
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It is important for teenagers to read these stories, for they offer the kind of reminders and emotional experiences they require. Studies have shown that teenagers care more about politics than adults, and are generally far more open to change. These qualities are reflected in the literature written for them, which adults should treat as literature written for all — it teaches us empathy along with survival. While it is important to become smarter, it is equally, if not more, important to become better people. Perhaps that is why Teen Literature Day exists: it facilitates the process of changing the world for the better.
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• ^ Stoltz, Mitch (10 November 2017). "Another Court Overreaches With Site-Blocking Order Targeting Sci-Hub". Electronic Frontier Foundation. Archived from the original on 7 December 2018 . Retrieved 27 October 2018.
The number of PhD holders at higher education institutions is still
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string(255) "An initiative from the University of Derby is initiating teens into the world of engineering. Louis Wright shares his experience of working with scientists, engineers and academics to build a replica of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover."
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Regardless of the institution type, in the United States, students typically earn credits for courses they take and these credits count towards the completion of a program. Courses are often divided into "core" subject areas to provide the foundation of the degree program and "major" courses to provide specialization in a subject area. Students can also take "elective" courses to explore other topics of interest for a well-rounded educational experience.
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Copernicus Open Access Hub: Managed by ESA, the Copernicus Open Access Hub and provides complete, free and open access to Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 products through an interactive graphical user interface.
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iMac Pro student and teacher pricing starts at A$6,709 for an iMac Pro in standard configuration. A$590 cheaper then the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of A$7,299.
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• With google chrome extension, you can know the time you have spent on a particular website from time to time.
Letters of recommendation. Many colleges require recommendations from the student’s teachers, high school counselor, and possibly principal.
It seemed suspicious.
appropriated in the 2019-20 fiscal year. In addition, as also required by the
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You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page.
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The State of OA study ascertained the accessibility status of each DOI in each collection using oaDOI ( Piwowar et al., 2018; Piwowar et al., 2017). Articles for which oaDOI did not identify a fulltext were considered “closed”. Otherwise, articles were assigned a color/status of bronze, green, hybrid, or gold. oaDOI classifies articles not available from their publisher’s site as either green or closed. The version of oaDOI used in the State of OA study identified green articles by searching PubMed Central and BASE. Readers should note that this implementation likely undercounts green articles, especially if considering articles available from academic social networks as green.
• ^ "Coalition of European Funders Announces "Plan S" to Require Full OA, Cap APCs, & Disallow Publication in Hybrid Journals". SPARC. 4 September 2018.
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• ^ "Elsevier's Open Access Controversy: German Researchers Resign to Register Protest". Enago Academy. 19 October 2017. Archived from the original on 6 June 2019 . Retrieved 15 March 2019.
UNESCO’s Education Sector is the largest in UNESCO with some 400 staff working at the Paris headquarters and spread across a global network of 53 field offices and specialized institutes and centres.
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Scientists in some European countries began negotiations with Elsevier and other academic publishers on introducing national open access. [61] [62]
Помимо этого, Япония в настоящее время принимает у себя пятьдесят шестой Международный астронавтический конгресс, в ходе которого космические агентства Японии, Канады, Европы и Соединенных Штатов приняли решение о создании Международного учебного совета по космонавтике.
Library Genesis is a database of over 5 million (yes, million) free papers, articles, entire journals, and non-fiction books. They also have comics, fiction books, and books in many non-english languages. They are also known as LibGen or Genesis Library. Many of the papers on Library Genesis are the same as sci hub, but what sets them apart is that Library Genesis has books as well.
• Sweet RW. Judgement – Document #87 of Elsevier Inc. v. Sci-Hub – Case 1:15-cv-04282-RWS. [February 7, 2018]; Southern District Court of New York. 2017
We actually had a chat about that on Twitter :) That said, the site didn't really link to infringing material - just to the homepage of Sci-Hub. Technically, you could also append something to the URL to make you end up at a page with infringing content, but there was no explicit link to there from the site, and it can be used for non-infringing content as well.
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Storyline Online is another award-winning, interactive children’s literacy site that features famous actors like Kevin Costner, Betty White, James Earl Jones, Eva Longoria, and others reading children’s books alongside minor animation elements.
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Suber is one of the loudest voices for Open Access movement. He was one of the original architects of the 2002 Budapest Open Access Initiative statement that established the most widely used definition of Open Access: “free availability on the public internet,” with the only constraint on sharing of research being authors’ “control over the integrity of their work and the right to be properly acknowledged and cited.” It also established the movement’s mandate to make Open Access the default method of publishing within a decade.
string(253) "Abstract concepts relating to DNA can be challenging for students. Dr Mandy Hartley offers a framework for teaching it in primary school, allowing students to visualise and engage with DNA, laying a strong foundation for curiosity and inquiry. "
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